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If you face this challenge, here are four ways you can start by picking the perfect office color scheme for your individual situation.

Consider Color's Effects

Colors have different effects on mood and productivity. While exact effects vary from person to person, there are some overall psychological results among colors.

For example, yellow hues tend to lead to increased creativity, while green tends to feel more calming. Red can be a passionate color, and it's often associated with physical stimulation. Blue, on the other hand, may stimulate mental energy.

What shade works for you will depend on how you want to feel in the home office and what type of work you're doing. If a particular color — such as energetic orange — is too harsh for you, consider using a less saturated shade of it. 

Distinguish the Office

If your house is small, your workspace may be squeezed in among other aspects of the home. If, for example, your home office is also a guest bedroom or family room, it may be hard to maintain the feeling that you're at work. One of the best ways to separate work and home is with physical color barriers.

How can you do this? Designate a specific area around your workspace for work-related tasks only, then paint it a starkly different color scheme than the rest of the room. If the room is bold, go neutral and calm in the office. If the room is already a neutral scheme, opt for a rich and deep office color. Continue this trend with your office furnishings and art.
Creating a visual barrier around your work area not only helps you focus on business but also discourages family members from intruding as well. 

Prepare to Meet with People

At some point, it's likely that you will have to meet with a business contact in your home office. It could be clients, vendors or potential investors, and you want to make a good first impression for your business. This generally means having a more harmonious, intentional style than you may otherwise have in your work area. 

While some entrepreneurs want their home office to exude professionalism and seriousness, others want it to feel young and creative. Think about how your home office would appear to newcomers. You may even want to have friends and visitors offer suggestions about their first impressions of your office. 

Start Building a Brand

Having goals and growing your company means thinking of it as a real business. And successful businesses usually feature a brand. A brand is more than just a logo that goes on your stationery. It's the image and feeling you want to exude. It's the base for your marketing, it expresses your company's personality and style and it's how many people will remember your business. 

If you don't already have a brand, decorating your home office is a good place to start one. You could start by using colors from your company logo. If you don't have specific colors yet, experiment with some and see how they play out in real life. Think about what you've learned about color's effects and use this to create the feeling or impression you want. 

Clearly, choosing the right color palette for a home office can be more complex than many people think. But with 30 years' experience helping California businesses and homeowners, the painting experts at Diamond Star Painting are happy to help. Why not set up an appointment today?