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If you’ve noticed deteriorating areas on your home or business, it’s essential to hire a professional team skilled in dry rot repair to diagnose and repair the issue as soon as possible. Dry rot is unsightly, but even worse, it can spread to other areas of your house and presents potential health hazards; protect your health and your home by turning to the expert dry rot repair contractors at Diamond Star Painting! As the leaders in painting and restorative services in Pleasant Grove CA, we specialize in affordable and fast dry rot repair to fit any budget. Our dry rot repair contractors have seen it all, and there’s literally no job too big or too small!

Dry rot is caused by areas of wood being exposed to moisture, which then allows fungi to grow. The fungi infect the wood, creating a brittle, spongey, or unusually dry texture. Any signs of dry rot should be addressed immediately, as the fungi can spread and eventually cause structural damage to your building. When repairing dry rot, we take every step to prevent further contamination and spread of the fungi. Our dry rot contractors will remove all the infected wood, and then treat the area to inhibit fungi growth. If the affected area is large enough, we’ll add filler or replacement wood pieces, then begin to match replacement sections to your buildings’ siding.

After removing the dry rot we’ll paint the newly repaired areas, making them look good as new! Many customers worry that dry rot repair will leave their home with a patchy appearance, however, we take every step to fully restore the area and make sure it seamlessly blends into the lines and color of your structure. We stand by our work and consistently receive 5-star customer reviews, like this one from Diane T:

“Diamond Star Painting Co. painted our house in 2010. We get a lot of weather- wear especially on the south side of the house. They gave us a 10-year guarantee. In late 2016 we had to have some dry rot work done on the house. Because of all that, we noticed a few areas on the south side that were beginning to wear. So, we called Diamond Painting. Tom came out the same day to look and told us they would absolutely take care of it. While talking to Tom, I noticed that some of the painting of the dry rot repairs also needed attention. Could they do those too? No problem, Diamond would take care of it all. Well, today they came and painted all the areas needing attention and then some. Diamond did over and above all our expectations. Tom’s crew was friendly, hardworking, patient and professional. Diamond Painting gets five stars plus, plus.”

In addition to dry rot repairs, we also offer a full range of painting and restorative services for residential and commercial buildings, including interior and exterior painting, wallpaper removal, cabinet painting and restoration, and deck restoration.

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