Painter painting a Window — House Painting in Lincoln, CADiamond Star Painting has been painting the exterior of homes and buildings since 1987 and has seen and worked on everything. No job is too big or too small. Diamond Star Painting knows how to prepare and paint all types of exterior surfaces and exterior materials including wood, plastic, and metal. Additionally we have plenty of experience painting clapboard, shingles, stucco, decks, railings, doors, windows, and much more. Your home or business is in great hands with Diamond Star Painting’s experienced exterior painting professionals.


Priced just right, Diamond Star Painting exterior painting jobs are always competitive and what you would expect to pay for a quality job. Find out today how affordable Diamond Star Painting’s exterior painting service truly is. Call today for a free quote.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Backyard — House Painting in Lincoln, CANaturally Diamond Star Painting guarantees that you will be satisfied with your exterior painting. The job will be done to your specification and we go the extra mile to make sure you are not only satisfied, but actually happy with your newly painted exterior!

Diamond Star Painting is a leading provider of exterior painting services. Our expert exterior painters have years of experience and can make your house, deck, wood siding, fence, shed, garage, or office building look new again. The painters begin by preparing surfaces, removing old flaking paint, washing dirty areas, filling in cracks and dents, and sanding rough areas. Diamond Star Painting painters then apply one, two, or three layers of primer and paint as needed to create a long-lasting, high-quality exterior finish.

Diagnosing Dry Rot

Dry rot is the result of the wood in your building deteriorating because it’s infested with fungi. Don’t let the name fool you; dry rot starts when the boards are exposed to moisture, which then turns them into an incubator for the fungi. The affected wood may seem either brittle or spongy and unusually dry—hence the name.

Any sign of infection needs to be handled immediately, or the fungi will continue to spread and begin to affect the structure of your building and potentially cause expensive property damage. If you suspect you may have dry rot, act immediately to save your home from further harm and to protect your own health.

Repairing Rot, Reviving Radiance

Rot — House Painting in Lincoln, CABecause dry rot is not only extremely unsightly but also potentially dangerous, you need a professional to handle this problem with care and expertise. Diamond Star Painting specializes in the treatment and repair of wood weakened by dry rot.

First, we remove the affected material, then we treat the surrounding area to prevent further contagion and add filler or replacement wood pieces if the infected area is large enough. Our team will then begin the process of matching replacement sections to your building’s original façade.

Better than New

Removing boards may sound like a terrifying process that will take weeks and leave your home looking noticeably patch worked. It may seem unfixable to you, but at Diamond Star Painting, we guarantee the utmost care will be taken when clearing away the dry rot, fixing the damage and making your building look as good as new.

Afterward, we will begin the process of restoring the area back into a state that flows seamlessly into the lines and colors of the structure. Contact us to eradicate your dry rot problem and leave your house looking better than ever.

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