If your kitchen looks dated, consider refinishing kitchen cabinets with Whitney CA’s Diamond Star Painting. Kitchen cabinet refinishing is a cost-effective solution to total kitchen remodeling. When your cabinets are in good functional condition, there’s really no need to do costly and messy demolition in your space. Instead, we can sand and repaint your cabinets for you, for less money than it would cost to install new cabinets. This process is faster, too, letting you get back to living your life.

A total kitchen remodel can be a complicated headache. Imagine eating take-out for a month or more because your kitchen is unavailable to you and filled with construction debris! When you do kitchen cabinet refinishing with our pro painters, your space is usable sooner. We always protect all fixtures and surfaces, so that you won’t need to worry about the mess in your home or damage that is expensive to repair. And with refinishes and paints from top brands like Sherwin Williams, your guests will be surprised to know that you haven’t had your cabinets replaced. They’ll look newer and brighter, with the clean lines you can always expect when you hire professional painters to do the work for you.

Diamond Star Painting has been in operation since 1987, so you know you’re hiring experts when you work with us. For every job, we use a unique 14-step painting process, covering every aspect of the work from a free estimate to complete clean-up. Refinishing Kitchen cabinets in your Whitney CA home has never been easier. Operating out of Lincoln, CA, our professional painters serve all of the surrounding towns. Call us today at (916) 424-4008 to find out more about how we can help your kitchen look brighter and newer, for less money than a total kitchen remodeling process.

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