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Our Process

Our 14 Step Process is Our Key to Success

Pressure Wash (for homes built after 1978.): We’ll pressure wash house from top to bottom to remove all the dirt debris and cobwebs thoroughly.

★ Scrape and Sand Loose Paint: We scrape sand and carefully remove flaking paint.

★ Reset Loose Nails: We’ll set appropriately loose nails on siding trim and eaves unless otherwise instructed.

★ Prime Bare Areas: We take the time to properly prime bare areas to include metal gutters and downspouts that receive galvanized and rust inhibitive primers and stucco and wood services that receive suitable primers.

★ Caulk Windows and Door Frames: We caulk windows and door frames to enhance the paint appearance and help insulate windows. This does not apply to stucco home windows. Due to weather and or temperature, caulking may expand or shrink away from substrate and it is not guaranteed. Caulking is a maintenance part of painting and is not part of peeling or flaking guarantee.

★ Patch Cracks In Stucco: We patch cracks in stucco as needed.

★ Remove and Replace Fixtures: We take off light fixtures (when possible) address numbers, house racks, etc. prior to painting and carefully place back upon completion of painting.

★ Patch Cracked Boards: We patch cracks in facia, siding, trim boards etc. as needed for protection.

★ Repair Leaky Gutters: We will seal patch leaky gutters as needed (this is a non-guaranteed cosmetic fix)

★ Protect Windows And Gardens: We fully cover all windows and gardens prior to painting.

★ Drips Sags And Runs: We professionally apply paint with the correct thickness to ensure no drips, sags or runs.

★ Apply Major Paint Brand: We paint with major brands such as Sherwin Williams and Kelly Moore.

★ Spotless Clean Up: We clean all walkways, sidewalks and unpainted areas to satisfaction.

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