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Ceiling Painting

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It might come as a bit of a surprise that ceilings need a lot of attention, but they are just as important as walls. A stained or poorly painted ceiling can instantly lower the quality of a room’s appearance. Whether you are simply changing the colors of your space, revitalizing faded paint in an office or removing the applesauce your toddler managed to arc 8 feet into the air, we have the skilled team to get you a fast and beautiful paint job from top to bottom.

The Right Expertise And Equipment For Your Project

We don’t want you bending over backward while painting your own ceilings and getting an uneven finish. The crew at Diamond Star Painting has decades of practice dealing with the difficulties of working in high places while still producing fantastic work. Our specialized equipment enables us to reach behind light fixtures, into nooks and up to the peaks of vaulted ceilings. Our 30 years of experience ensure your safety.

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Ceiling Painting

Process, Products And Precision

Our painters follow a careful process to get you a pristine, inviting atmosphere. We prepare the ceiling by removing flaking paint, cleaning dirty areas, filling in cracks and sanding any rough zones. For priming and painting, we use only the highest quality products to ensure that you will enjoy your new ceilings for years to come.

We apply several coats to get even coverage, and we put special focus on maintaining clean edges. Because our team has seen it all, we can help you choose the best color and shade for your ceilings. Your rooms will look beautiful, expansive and spacious. Get a free quote today and let our quick and efficient team help you complete your job on schedule and within budget.

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